Waqf, evoluzione tecnologica, innovazione finanziaria. Un’analisi comparatistica

Entrepreneurs of the Islamic faith seeking alternative financing options aligned with their beliefs can access new models in line with their ethical and religious objectives, as well as traditional financial instruments. This essay aims to investigate the use of waqf-based crowdfunding, illustrating how it is possible to finance business development while simultaneously providing a concrete response to the needs of the community. The aim is to explore legal proposals that can facilitate fundraising through the combination of innovative financial instruments (crowdfunding) and classical Islamic institutions (the waqf), thus offering a useful tool to the constantly changing Muslim society and highlighting the Shari‘a dynamic character. Waqf-based crowdfunding thus represents a hybrid tool to finance small and medium-sized enterprises often precluded by traditional funding channels, thus remobilising the capital needed to finance projects that are not only profitable but also socially sustainable.

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