C(h)orologia giuridica come struttura teoretica della filosofia del diritto di Antonio Rosmini. Criteri d’analisi e di sviluppo

Antonio Rosmini’s philosophy of law is inherently chorological. This aspect of his thought is recognizable, in particular, in the genetics of subsistent law, which is to be traced the human person, and in the ethics of formation: all of which are inscribed in the synthesis of the three forms of being. The essay emphasizes Vico’s legacy in Antonio Rosmini’s elaboration, showing the full continuity of this Vico-Rosminian theoretical sequence with Pierangelo Sequeri’s deontology of foundation. It also illustrates how this line of thought and research, through the development of an integrated theory of human dignity and juridical pedagogy, can bring to the fore the close link of pertinence between juridical research and the chorological approach.

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