Is Law ‘Religion’? Dissenso religioso e ‘mondanizzazione’ dei culti.

A recent publication tries to analyze the theme of the connections between law and religion(s) from a cultural point of view, underlining when that relationship operates while the common sense does not properly recognize those implications. The essay is a wide investigation on the political relevance of religious argumentations and symbols, especially tackling the still ongoing influence of Christian political theology on the framework of the Western forms of constitutionalism. In other words, the volume we are talking about seems to deepen scientific perspectives that the Author himself has at length studied and criticized. Even recognizing the unique importance of this kind of work, two elements are still partially unexplored: the role (and the rules) of the dissent in confessional orders to change the perception of politics and the law and the increasing and not always so hidden and chiaroscuro effects of consumerism and secularism on the religious cults themselves.

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