Itinerari teorici in Maurice Hauriou tra istituzione, transazione e circolarità ermeneutica

This article aims to analyze some specific elements of Maurice Hauriou’s institutionalist theory. Dealing with Hauriou is an opportunity to discuss once again the philosophical-legal aspects that shape the backbone of traditional legal institutionalism and to reconsider the theoretical sources Hauriou may have drawn on. In the three genealogical itineraries proposed here—respectively with classicism (Aristotle), modernity (Max Weber) and contemporaneity (Luigi Lombardi Vallauri)—the importance of the connection between “law as institution” and “life” will also be highlighted. The specific juxtaposition of these two “circuits” will pave the way to a comprehensive interpretive approach in which the categories of relation, transaction and hermeneutics interpenetrate circularly.

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